Morata is wearing the number 9 which is a cursed number for some of the supporters. Here is a photo of Morata and the legend Drogba. Hope he would be as good as Drogba. Advertisements

No darkness

I believe that there is no such thing as "Darkness".According to my Physics lesson, if you can see something then there must have been light shining on the object so you can see it.Then, if it is real darkness then you shouldn't be able to see it so if you said, "It's darkness!"It is not … More No darkness

Chelsea VS Arsenal

I haven’t posted much recently because I was SUPER BUSY!!! Anyway, since I am a Chelsea fan I will always look forward to their next match. They have already arrived in Beijing, China for their match against Arsenal later on. Here are some training photos: The FLASH(Cesar) David Luiz Like if you are watching on … More Chelsea VS Arsenal


I am very sorry that I forgot that I only posted one chapter. So here below are chapters 2 and 3 From The master gladiator Continues to The master gladiator chapter 4-6 continued from last time chapter 2   The audience roared back but the Emperor ignored him, still keeping his thumb inside his fist.   Augustus … More Apologise

The master gladiator chapter 4-6 continued from last time

Last part 1-3 The master gladiator chapter 4   Thirty minutes later, Marcus was walking slowly from his farm to Lepidus’s gladiator training ground. Everyone on the street were whispering to each other and glancing at him.   He didn’t care but when he walked past a men with uniform and a gun, “Is he the … More The master gladiator chapter 4-6 continued from last time

Steak cooking

What do you think of that!? I did medium steak which is medium heat for 3 mins. First of all seasoning, oil, pepper and salt. Rub it on the meat. Then no oil pan high heat for about 1/2 mins to make it steak. And then 1 min each side for the beef on high … More Steak cooking

Continue 1D part 2

Then it is ‘Midnight memories and This is us’ ‘The best song ever’ is this album’s lead single. They had great success in British band history! Now individual  Harry Styles Then Now His single ‘Sign of the times’ came out in 7th  April 2017. It became number 1 in several countries such as the U.K., … More Continue 1D part 2