The Europa league final

The final between Real Madrid (the champion of Spain) and Juventus (the champion of Italy)

Real Madrid is my favorite team beside of Chelsea.

The final was in Cardiff, Wales, the city Garett Bale was born and grew up.

Gareth Bale was on the bench but he still played in the end.

In the first 20 minutes there were some great saves by Navas

Then Ronaldo scored a great goal.

Then Juventus’s Mandzukis scored a brilliant goal and gave Juventus hope for the trophy.

It was a tie at half time.

Then at 61 minutes Casemiro scored a beautiful goal outside the box.

The special Christiano Ronaldo scored his second goal. If he scores a hat trick then he will be the first player to score a hat trick in a Europa league final in the modern era.

But unfortunately he didn’t 

Then Juventus’s new signing from Chelsea, Juan Cuadrado the speedy beast came on as a substitute. 

He got a yellow for a slide teckle he did to Ronaldo. Commentary thought he didn’t deserve this but a few minutes lasted Sergio Ramos tackled him badly.

Then Juan accidentally stepped on Sergio’s shoe  and patted his shoulder.

Because of the pain on Sergio’s foot, he fell dramatically 

and the referee thought Juan pushed him. Then gave him another yellow card.

Then Asensio, Bale and Morata got changed on to the pitch and swapped down Isco, Benzema and Kroos.

The substitute Asensio scored a goal

So Real Madrid is the champion

Man of the match

Christiano Ronaldo

The winner trophy

They got changed into the famous white shirts and started to 🎉.

#football #cardiff #final #realmadrid #cristianoronaldo


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