The master gladiator chapter 4-6 continued from last time

Last part 1-3 The master gladiator

chapter 4

  Thirty minutes later, Marcus was walking slowly from his farm to Lepidus’s gladiator training ground. Everyone on the street were whispering to each other and glancing at him.

  He didn’t care but when he walked past a men with uniform and a gun, “Is he the one you told me about? The boy who runs every day? When he is in the army and will make he invincible.”

  Marcus smiled at the men and walked on. His clothes were wet and he was sweating. He dragged his left leg forward for the last time. I reached his farm, Marcus thought and smiled.


chapter 5

  He vividly saw Lepidus watching four gladiators and a lion fighting. Lepidus also saw Marcus at the entrance. He shouted, “Stop! Everyone.” The gladiator stopped and started to chat. Two men approached the lion and put a silver and heavy chain around its neck.

  Lepidus walked to Marcus and lead him to the stands, he shouted loudly, “Now continue!”

“Wow, that was amazing, Lepidus.”Marcus looked at the gladiators with his eyes widened. Lepidus stared at the left corner as a young man walked towards him. The young man seemed older that Lepidus, he has sandy hair and he was very tall.

   “You have to go Marcus. Quick, my elder brother is here, the one who hates you.”Lepidus whispered to Marcus.

“Ok then, will I be able to see you tomorrow?”Marcus asked widen his eyes. Lepidus stared at him and pushed him towards the gate and walked back to his brother.


chapter 6

  Confused, Marcus looked at Lepidus’s back. Why is he in such a hurry, he thought curiously, who is his brother.

  He shook him head and walked slowly back to his poor house.

   “Mom! I am back from the run!”Marcus shouted loud enough to let the whole house to hear.

  “Take you that long! You will be killed right after you walked into the trenches.”Marcus’s Mom shouted back and walked in front of Marcus.

  He was stronger than his Mom, he was taller than her as well.

  “Why did it take you that long!”his Mom barked at the taller boy in front of her.

  “How am I suppose to know! I was just running.”Marcus shouted for the first half of the sentence and came quieter. He didn’t dare to look at his mother, he felt guilty.

“Can I not join the army?”Marcus asked carefully.

“No.”his Mom said firmly, “Unless you are a slave, but are you?”

“No, I am not a slave. But I can become one. You know. I love gladiators.”

“You are just afraid that you will die at war. Am I correct? And the gladiators are the most unfortunate ones.”his Mom corrected him while trying to look into Marcus’s eyes, but it seemed impossible. Marcus was so tall.

You are! But I would rather die as a famous gladiator. People remembers me, they respect me, at least I was killed by a gladiator not a spear flying from no where. I won’t be a useless solider who died in the battle!”Marcus shouted furiously.

“No! If you train hard you won’t die so easily because you are skillful.”his Mom was still not agreeing with him.

“Oh. Whatever.”Marcus complained and realized his mum will never be convinced. I can run away, he thought as this light bulb popped in his head.

  While he was still thinking how can he talk to Lepidus about it, someone knocked the door.


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