I am very sorry that I forgot that I only posted one chapter.

So here below are chapters 2 and 3

From The master gladiator

Continues to The master gladiator chapter 4-6 continued from last time

chapter 2

  The audience roared back but the Emperor ignored him, still keeping his thumb inside his fist.

  Augustus stopped running away from Spartacus, he was breathing heavily while angry at himself for being a runner. Spartacus changed his focus to Augustus, there was a smirk on his face and he sprinted towards Augustus with his spear. Augustus froze and didn’t know what to do.He tilted towards the left hand side and his left foot twisted towards the same side as well. Everyone  thought he was going to run but he just stayed there as stiff as a rock.

  Spartacus held his spear on the side of Augustus’s neck and said loudly looking at the Emperor, “Shall I kill him or let him live?”

  The audience was arguing with each other, it was chaotic. There were people shouting at the Emperor to force him to kill Augustus and accusing him as a coward.

The emperor did a ‘thumb up’ signal. The old men sighed with relieve and Augustus sighed as well.

  The smile on Spartacus’s face disappeared. Spartacus didn’t put away his spear from Augustus’s neck. Instead, he pressed harder with anger.

“Stop him!”the Emperor ordered.

  Four men entered the arena and pulled Spartacus away from him, he dropped his spear in front of the shaking Augustus.

Before Spartacus was pulled to the outside he shouted furiously, “Augustus!” There was a drip of blood on Augustus’s forehead where Spartacus dropped his spear. He stood up, wiped his blood and walked out of the arena.

  Spartacus won even though he had to be forced out of the arena and very lucky for Augustus who survived.

chapter 3

  There was a boy in the crowd who wasn’t cheering for either of the gladiators, he was sitting still on his seat, quietly, he stood up and left the coliseum. The boy was running along the quiet roads. He stopped in front of a small, bricked house, he walked through the door and shouted, “Mom! I am back!”


  There was an old and thin woman in the big space. She has grey hair and wrinkles beside her eyes. “Come here, you can go to the farm and run 3 laps around it. Quick!”said the woman in a hurry.  The boy walked slowly out of the door and headed south.

  I hate her, the boy thought, again like every other day, I have to practice but practice is my only choice. There will be a brutal and important fight in Rome next year and the roman empire needed soldiers. He forced every boys in Rome to join the army, and they have to join when they are 18, unless they were slaves.

  My father died in the war 9 years ago and my brother joined the army 1 year ago, I wonder where they are now, he thought angrily while walking on the road, I don’t want to join the army, my 18th birthday is just 5 months away, I can’t join the army. 

   “Hi Marcus, you are going to the farm and train again? You don’t need to train that hard!”a boy on the road called him.

  He fought in the war before and quit. You couldn’t just quit the army unless you are very rich and you begged the Emperor or a serious injury. The muscular boy has brown hair  and he used to train very hard.

He is 22 years old and he was Marcus’s best and only friend.

“Yeah, my mom forces me to do that everyday. I am so nervous, it is only 5 months from my 18th birthday! What are you doing here, Lepidus?”Marcus asked and stopped walking immediately.

“Oh I am just going to the slaves training ground in our farm. Will you be able to come later and watch? They are really good.”Lepidus exclaimed proudly.

“Maybe, I will try.”Marcus said thoughtfully.

”Ok then…”Lepidus didn’t even finish his sentence Marcus interrupted him.

“Do you think your family needs a slave or a gladiator recently? I am just asking.”Marcus asked covering his excitement.

“Yeah, we need lots of slaves. Wait, you got to be kidding, did you just asked me whether you can be my slave? I understand what you meant Marcus. I can even help you to escape.”Lepidus winced and continued quickly after Marcus.

“You are a genius, Lepidus!”Marcus grinned at him and said, “I’ve got to be hurry, I need to run 3 laps. Bye!” He ran off in a very fast speed toward the farm.



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